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Anh Jung began her career in real estate over 18 years ago but have always been passionate about art and beauty, especially helping others look and feel beautiful!  

Anh was raised in Gainesville, Georgia and finished her college degree at The University of North Carolina.  There she founded LUXE Salon Spa & Nail Bar located in Charlotte, NC.  At the time, she masterfully negotiated the build-out of her salon in Uptown Charlotte.  The salon included eyebrow waxing, eyelash extensions, hair, nails, and massage services.

With over 11 years of beauty industry experience, Anh is now adding microblading to her repertoire. She has completed extensive training at The Atlanta Beauty School of Cosmetology and Aesthetics and is now certified as a pathogenic microblading artist in Arizona.

Anh Jung RAZ'D Brow Studio Gilbert AZ


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