What are eyelash extensions?

Some people mistakenly lump “fake lashes” and “eyelash extensions” together – they’re not the same thing.

Fake lashes – aka, falsies – are either temporary strips of lashes or single clusters of lashes that you can apply at home with a temporary glue whenever you want to add extra oomph to your lash line.

These don’t require professional application and the main difference between fake lashes and eyelash extensions is that fake lashes are temporary – they’re good for a day. Maximum.

Eyelash extensions, on the other hand, are single eyelashes that made of either silk, mink or a synthetic material. These lashes are dipped in glue and attached to your individual eyelashes one by one, in a precise fashion.


Classic versus Volume Lashes: 

Which is better for me?

Both Classic and Volume lashes are going to give you an enhancement to the look of your eye, not to mention save you time in the morning. Classic lash extensions are going to look more like mascara. 

You should get classic lashes if:

  • You prefer a more natural look

  • You have a plethora of natural lashes

  • You naturally have long, thick lashes

  • You want a more voluminous look, but you naturally have abundant and dense lashes


You should get volume lashes if:

  • You have very minimal natural lashes

  • You have very frail natural lashes

  • You have very short natural lashes

  • You enjoy the way strip lashes look

  • You have dense and abundant natural lashes, but you want super thick fluffy lashes